16 Apr

Using carbonite for backups

Many people ignore backup software, believing that they can just do backups on their own. I used to be in this camp, thinking I can save money by doing my own backups. After all, all you need is an extra hard drive, and most of us have a few of those lying around.

data protectionI didn’t realize how much of a problem this could potentially be until I experienced a hard drive crash last year. The first thing I did was turn to my backup hard drive, but then realized it’s been over a month since I made my backup. I lost countless hours of work, and that’s when I realized that had I purchased a backup software program such as Carbonite, I would have had up-to-date backups that would have gotten me up and running again in just a few minutes. I was angry at myself and promised myself I would never be caught in such a situation again.

As it turns out, Carbonite is actually quite affordable. The annual fee is just $59 for most users. This works out to under $5 a month. I think most people would agree that $5 a month is nothing compared to the peace of mind and security you get in return.

Another benefit of Carbonite is that it’s easy to set up and use. Once everything is set up, you really don’t have to do anything, since the program works in the background and makes backups for you automatically. You can even start using the program for free by using the Carbonite offer code from freebiebulletin.com.

Now, there are quite a few other backup solutions you can turn to as well. Honestly, I chose Carbonite because I was most familiar with them based on their strong brand and their advertisements. So far, I am happy with the product, so I have no plans to try anyone else. If you want to check out Carbonite for yourself, I encourage you to get the free trial offer from http://freetrialspot.com/.