17 Mar

Trying to Quit Smoking With Halo Cigs

One of the habits I’m trying to kick is smoking. I don’t smoke a whole lot, but I do smoke about a half pack each day. I’ve tried a number of techniques to quit in the past, including nicotine gum and patches. Although such things do help me cut down a bit, in the end I seem to just go back to smoking and not be able to see it through.

halo cigs websiteNot long ago I read about e-cigarettes online and I’m seriously thinking about giving them a try.

Here is the thing, however. The starter kits cost around quite a bit of money, and for this reason I’ll probably do a bit more research before I take the plunge. I looked online to see if I can get a halo cigs coupon and fortunately, they allow me to get an extra 15% off starter kits (The coupons I’m planning to use are available at this link that offers discounts and coupons for halo  cigs: http://e-cigbargains.com/halocigs/). So far, I’m definitely leaning toward purchasing halo cigs brand e-cigarettes since I hear good things about them.

The main thing that makes me hesitate is that I’ve never smoked an e-cigarette, so I have no real idea what I’m getting into. If I end up not liking how they taste, that startup kit that I invested my money in could just wind up sitting in my closet. One solution to this may be to get disposable e-cigarettes. Quite a few vendors do carry them, and they are generally pretty cheap. However, I’ve read on some forums that the disposable ecigs aren’t like the real thing, and I’m worried it will give me an inaccurate impression of what it is like to use an electronic cigarette. So for the moment, my plan is to get myself a modest starter kit.

The best halo cigs coupon I could find gave me 15% off and they are being offered by E-cigbargains.com. If anyone knows a better coupon that’s out there, let me know in the comments section. Also, if someone can tell me whether these things are just like smoking the real thing or not, I’d appreciate it.