25 Apr

Speed Dating Vs. Online Dating

If you’re struggling to meet single people, you may want to consider speed dating or online dating. But which one would be better for you? The cost of one speed dating event and a month of membership to a dating site like eHarmony is roughly the same price. Which one appeals to you will depend a bit on your personality. If you’re the type who feels confident about being able to judge people based on online profiles and online communication, then a dating site like eHarmony would suit you quite well. But the problem is that many people post old pictures online and are not who they claim to be on the Internet. Even when you use an online dating site, you ultimately work up to the point where you meet in person, and that’s when the real relationship begins.

Speed dating, on the other hand, gets right to the chase. You will have a direct interaction with someone, even if it’s only for 5 to 10 minutes. If you’re the type that can tell more about someone by meeting them as opposed to reading about them, then speed dating is a good short cut. The downside is that you are exposed to fewer people. You may meet 10 people in one event, and that’s a small number compared to the number of people you can interact with online.

If you can afford it, you should try out both and see which one appeals to you more. You can actually try online dating at eHarmony for free using sites such as Onlinedatingtrials.com. By going to this site, you can take a personality test and set up an account using a Eharmony free trial.